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Welcome To Fresno Bars!

Hello everyone!

This is Cal Castaneda, your maintainer of Fresno Bars!

This is a community for people living in or around Fresno to come and recommend/talk about bars/clubs in and around Fresno because of their: prices, atmosphere, service, crowd, etc. Or even to know where to take your friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/whatever based on other first-hand experiences. If anyone is looking to find a new bar to hang out through recommendations or is new to the area and looking for the hot spots then this is the place to be!

This community is for everyone (21+ of course)!

Only members are allowed to post.

Fresno Bars is my first Live Journal community, so if any of you experienced folk have any questions or suggestions about my community I'm more than willing to listen!

I look foward to seeing what everyone has to say about Fresno nightlife and I especially look forward to getting to know the new members better!
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Cal, i love your town-drunk-y ways!
'Cause I'm smooth like that.